Posted by: tim ellis | June 27, 2010

Thursday April 8th 2010

Aerial Photography

I am just getting ready to leave for the airport when the phone goes. It is Wildwings. They say “Apparently you missed your flight yesterday”.
“My Flight is Today”
“No, It was yesterday”
“Oh Bugger!”

The have checked and there is plenty of availability for today, but I will need to pay, possibly a cancellation fee, and almost certainly a fare adjustment. They tell me to go to the airport and arrange this at the Emirates desk, then confirm with them I am going, and they will arrange to have me met at the airport and join the rest of the group.

I have occasionally seen those “Reality TV”airport programmes where unhelpful Airline staff make things awkward for passengers whose problems may or may not be of their own making. My experience was nothing like that! The Emirates desk staff was busy looking to see if he could reduce the charge by changing to a different return flight, even though I told him I was prepared to pay the original figure. (I decided it was a tax on my own stupidity for not double checking the date as well as the time!)

Both flights were smooth and the service first rate (even in Economy!), with a huge choice of in-fight entertainment – I watched “Dances with Elves” (Avatar) that I had missed at the cinema, and was surprised to discover that unobtanium was a genuine plot device rather than the reviewers hyperbole that I had taken it for.

Dubai Airport is huge! I am sure I’ve caught buses into Birmingham that have taken less time than the one from our plane to terminal 3, but again everything seemed well organised. The departure gate was already open, so I didn’t really explore the facilities, there should be slightly more time on the way back…


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