Posted by: tim ellis | June 29, 2010

Friday 16th April 2010

Whalewatching Crew

Susan & Robert finally join us this morning, as does the Jetwing travel director in charge of Eco-tours, so our boat seems quite full. We have an early, but inconclusive dolphin sighting – they don’t stick around, followed by more “hunt the dolphin” as we get distant sightings that have vanished by the time we arrive.
Alan sees a single dolphin sized dorsal that disappears behind the swell. Since dolphins are normally found in groups, it might have been a dwarf sperm whale, but despite our waiting and searching, it does not reappear, so remains a mystery.

A phone call from the other boat gives us a confirmed Blue Whale, and as we head off towards it we encounter a group of striped dolphins which treat us to some very acrobatic leaps.
We arrive at the Blue Whale just in time to see it present its flukes in the distance, so begin the wait for it to reappear. Which it does, though we have a long wait for more flukes…

Today was not going to be long day, which in comparison to yesterday, it isn’t – only about 8 hours today! We say goodbye and thank you to the crew, as this was our final voyage

Before dinner we are introduced to Wiki, a Sri Lankan naturalist who will be joining us for the next part of our trip, after which Chas treats us to dinner – a set menu tonight rather than a buffet..


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