Posted by: tim ellis | June 29, 2010

Monday 12th April 2010.

Blue Whale (& Ramora)

Another 6:15 start – it is much brighter and sunnier today. Our first encounter is with a small group of Spinner Dolphins, but they are not interested in us and don’t hang around, so we move on to find a large group of Sperm Whales which we stay with for a while. Then finally we manage to get a genuine sighting of a Blue Whale as it dives. There are two of them, and they are diving for around 16 – 18 minutes at a time, but unlike yesterdays, reappearing close enough that we actually get to see them, and the ramoras that are hitching a lift.

Talking of hitch hikers, we also pick up a passenger of the non-marine variety, when a painted lady butterfly falls into the ocean right by the boat. Chas fishes it out to give it back to land – we accuse him of running the whale watching trips as a cover for his real agenda of rescuing butterflies!

Having hung around watching the Blues, it is late when we get back, so no afternoon excursion today, and no whale watching tomorrow, as it is the New Year.


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