Posted by: tim ellis | June 29, 2010

Sunday 11th April 2010.

So why do they call them Spinner Dolphins?
We start 15 minutes earlier today. (Are we being eased in to a 6:00 AM start?) I surprise myself by being the first one there, although everyone else is only just behind me.

We set of from Mirissa in search of Blues again, but the first cetaceans we find are a small group of Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins (a different subspecies to yesterday). They ignore us, so we push on to head for a reported sighting. We see the blow as we approach, but by the time we arrive, the whale has dived, and shows no sign of reappearing, so we allow ourselves to be diverted to some Sperm Whales which are being more co-operative. We leave them after a while to head off for the Blue Whales again, with the blows of two individuals being sighted. However, once again it is a case of “chase the blow”, by the time we arrive where the whale was, it has disappeared, and when it resurfaces, it is along way off, and all we see is the blow. We try to get ahead of it, but end up loosing it all together.

As we head back to the harbour, we encounter a very large group of Spinner Dolphins, mostly travelling past, though some do show off the acrobatic leaps for which they are named.

We are back a bit earlier today, so are able to make the Galle Fort trip. I have a cunning plan to go down and buy some Postcards and send some E-Mails before the trip, as both the shop and the business centre are right by reception. However the shop is closed, and both PC’s are in use – oh well!

Galle Fort is the old Dutch administrative centre, a walled town whose walls protected it from the Tsunami (though it did “blow back” through the sewers which were designed to be flushed twice a day by the tide). We don’t venture into the town centre, but walk around the walls, admiring the view and dodging the street traders.
Go take a running jump!

There is a section of wall from which young men will dive into the 5 foot of sea water below – obviously if the tourists will make it worth their while. Chas does a deal and the intrepid leaper takes a running jump – we are all relieved to see him emerge safely at the bottom!
Panorama from Galle Fort
We walk further round and see the commanding view of the Galle test cricket ground (There is no game in progress in the ground, but there is one on a more makeshift pitch just outside).

Back at the Lighthouse, I manage to get on to one of the PCs, and have just sent some e-mails when there is a power-cut. All the lights, and the computer I am using go off – the other computer carries on working! The power soon comes back on, and the PC reboots without any problem.


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