Posted by: tim ellis | June 29, 2010

Thursday 15th April 2010

Mother and Child

The day starts much brighter and hotter, but Susan and Robert don’t show as they decide it still looks a little choppy. We don’t notice it particularly though and we are eager to set off.
We find a blue whale along with the other Mirissa boat and a ‘competitor’ whale watching boat. We are just deciding three boats to one whale is not a good ratio, and we’ll move on when the third boat decides to leave – no one is impressed with their route, right across the whale’s path, but we stick around and it reappears. We stay with it for around 2 hours before finally going off in search of different animals. It takes a while, but we strike it lucky with a mother and calf. We stay watching them for a couple of hours, and decide that is plenty (and also it is starting to get late) so we start to leave. The whale hasn’t finished with us yet, however, and follows us for one final appearance before we go our separate ways.

Chas is excited on the way back to see an unusual looking shearwater. Apparently what was the Audobon’s Shearwater has recently been split into several new species, and this one, the Persian Shearwater, with darker under wings, has not previously been recorded off Sri Lanka.

By the time we arrive back at Mirissa, we have been at sea for the best part of 9 hours, so there is no additional excursion this afternoon (there isn’t really much afternoon left!).


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