Posted by: tim ellis | June 29, 2010

Tuesday 13th April 2010

Giant Wood Spider
A Lazy Day! Starting with a buffet breakfast rather than a “packed” breakfast is a great luxury, then a hectic schedule of lying on a sunbed at the edge of the beach (under the shade of a handy palm tree) reading my book, or sharing cold drinks around the edge of the pool, before this afternoons excursion at 3:30.

Chas tells us there are a couple of options. Option A is a rainforest, but it may be shut for New Year, in which case it will be option B – a different bit of rainforest!

Our first choice is a piece of municipal ground around the Galle Reservoir, Although it is closed for the public holiday, Anoma (the Hotel’s resident naturalist) knows the warden, and thinks he can talk him into letting us in. We let him go ahead while we gently walk up the path, stopping to observe the Giant Squirrel in the trees.

Anoma is successful in getting us through the gates. Inside, as well as the reservoir itself is a nursery for native plants that are being replanted locally. There are also two Serpent Eagles and a Honey Buzzard that have been bought in injured and are being rehabilitated. We also find a Giant Wood Spider hanging in its web between two trees.


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