Posted by: tim ellis | July 18, 2010

Monday 19th April 2010

Roadside Buddhist Shrine

We say our goodbyes to those not heading for Negumbo, joking that we may all meet up again when they finally get to Colombo and we are still waiting to leave! Every news update seems to completely change the picture, so we can’t be sure what the true situation is. Stefan and Karen may be able to fly to Vienna or Milan and transfer to Germany by train, but this is less useful for Alan and myself who would still have the channel to contend with. Nor can we really plan any alternatives until we know when we will definitely be flying (or not flying as the case may be). We pick up Gunga from the Jetwings office, who has been trying to organise things, but it still seems that everyone is waiting for someone else to make a decision.

Our plan is to leave for the airport at 6:15, and if that fails, then we will join Enikő and Vilmos (who aren’t due to fly until Wednesday anyway) for a dolphin watching trip to the North of Colombo returning here (or possibly one of the other Jetwing hotels along this road) in the evening…


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