Posted by: tim ellis | July 18, 2010

Saturday 17th April 2010.

Dondra Head

A leisurely start. I pack most of my stuff before breakfast (where I note they have “Bee Honey” – what other sort is there?). After eating, I finish packing and phone for a porter – Chas warned us that things might not happen as quickly as we’d expect, but I have barely put the phone down when there is a knock on my door. Most of the others are already in reception, but checking out is relatively easy (once I’ve cleared up that I haven’t drunk any Red Bull from my mini-bar).

Chas is the last to arrive, and we all pile aboard the bus (much less room with all our bags on the back seats) and head off. Our first stop is Dondra Head Lighthouse, built in Scotland, and reassembled here at Sri Lanka’s Southern tip.

We want a quick lunch, but the planned restaurant is closed, and the next one we try has no staff in yet. Third time lucky, and the place we end up has a nice sea view (and breeze). Twelve vege fried rice later and we are off again, with occasional brief stops to look at birds until we arrive at the Centuria Lake Resort..

Check in, unpack and then down to the lake for a nature ramble. We find a roosting owl, water buffalo, kingfisher, egrets and assorted insects. Then back to the hotel for warm showers, cold beers and dinner.
Centuria Lake Resort

We are starting to hear news of a big volcanic eruption in Iceland that is causing flights in and out of Europe to be cancelled. No one seems sure how long this is likely to last, or what the knock on effects will be (eg if the people currently in Negumbo can’t fly out by Monday, will we have rooms to go to? And if we can’t leave on Tuesday where will we end up?) No one is absolutely desperate to return to work, and there are worse places to be stranded, but we could do without the doubt and uncertainty.


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