Posted by: tim ellis | July 18, 2010

Thursday 22nd April 2010

Palm Squirrel
I sent some laundry off yesterday which will be back this evening, and couldn’t get the internet working yesterday to let people know what was happening, so I don’t plan to go far today, but will sort out some sort of excursion plan for Fri/Sat returning by Sunday for a Monday departure.

The internet is working this morning, and I am pleased to discover that my Dad will come down and collect me from Gatwick, to save me from having to make the long coach or train journy back to Birmingham.

From the Internet cafe to the Jetwings office, where they can offer me two trips – one to Kandy and one to Sigiriya for a total of £100, or both together with half board for £115, plus a £2 credit card surcharge. It doesn’t include various entrance fees which will amount to approx £40, which they also change for me at a rate very similar to the bank I used on arrival, and better than the last rate I saw offered in a hotel.

The Blue Oceanic confirm I can check out tomorrow morning and return on Saturday night without problem, so all told a good mornings work, and I can spend the rest of the day relaxing and trying to take pictures of the local palm squirrels. I am sitting on my (shady) patio when one of the staff comes to tell me that there is a representative from the British Consulate next door at the Beach Hotel. I decide to go in case there is any useful news, but in my case, not really. A number of people on package trips certainly seem worse off than me, (even though they should be better protected by law).While I am there I take advantage of their free internet access to catch up with some mails that weren’t important enough to pay to read! When I return there is a message to say Chas had phoned to see how I was getting on, so I call him back with an update.


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