Posted by: tim ellis | July 18, 2010

Tuesday 20th April 2010

That's Asda Price

BBC World News is still inconclusive when we get up and none of us are particularly optimistic. Wiki collects us and suggests we leave our bags in the van until we know if we are flying or not. Alan is flying with Qatar, and his flight to Dubai is showing as checking in, but it transpires they are not taking passengers for whom it is not the final destination. They suggest they may fly him to Amsterdam as an alternative to the UK.

Stefan, Karen and I go the Emirates office, where we are told our flight is going ahead, but is already full of people previously delayed. It is suggested to me in a vague and non-committal way that I may fly tomorrow, or maybe the day after. Karen and Stefan are told they have been reallocated to a flight on the 29th April. As all the information we have seen suggests Frankfurt is likely to be open before the UK, this does not sound to hopeful! They take Gunga’s number to contact us, and suggests we may get as little as an hour and a half’s notice – some people apparently missed out on today’s flight as they were too far away… We take the number of the office and the reservations desk, so we can phone and check before leaving tomorrow morning.

On the way back, Wiki tells is we were not able to get rooms at the Beach Hotel, but are moving to the Blue Oceanic next door. This is also a Jetwings hotel, but cheaper (Important because we are now paying and Emirates and Qatar are not offering compensation) and less busy (as the Beach Hotel is also used by Kuoni). Furthermore Enikő and Vilmos left even earlier than we did to go on the morning Dolphin trip, and with the vain hope we might get a call for the afternoons flight, we are not going on any trips today. (We do feel slightly better when Alan gets a text from Vilmos to say that although they successfully saw Spinner Dolphins, the sea was too rough to allow him to take pictures).

Karen’s room is ready straight away, the rest of us have to wait while ours are cleaned, though it doesn’t take long for mine to be ready. Definitely smaller and less luxurious rooms, though still quite well appointed and comfortable. It is the little things that are missing – no kettle, no shower gel or shampoo…

We go and sit on the beach for a bit, where Karen befriends a squirrel, then a cool drink and agree to meet up at 3 to go the internet cafe. The first one we find is shut, and the second isn’t working. We wait 5 minutes while they try and reset it, but then leave and say we will return later as it is too hot to sit around. We go to a supermarket for water, and a bar for drinks, then return. The internet is working for all of two minutes, then dies again. The first cafe is still shut, but I do manage to find a third one we’d missed before. It appears the UK is still shut until at least 3pm (UK time). Flights are starting to move however, and we are to ring Emirates at 8:30am. Vilmos turns up, having walked down the beach from next door. We have booked half board here, so he and Enikő will come down to join us this evening.

After Dinner, I go back to check e-mails again, The internet cafe that was open is now shut. The one that was shut is now open – but deserted (no staff or customers), and the one that doesn’t work still doesn’t work!


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