Posted by: tim ellis | July 18, 2010

Wednesday 21st April 2010


BBC News this morning suggests that all UK Airports are open, although the backlog is still causing chaos…
Phoning Emirates after breakfast, Stefan and Karen are still being told the 29th and I am told “Not until after Friday”.
“Does that mean Saturday?” I ask
“Hopefully” they reply.
We go to report this at the Internet Cafe – the others leave before I do, and when I get back to the hotel, they have decided to go into Colombo to the Emirates head office (and the Qatar office for Alan, who can’t even get through by phone) – Jetwings sends us a driver (Jerome) and arrange for a rep to join us at Emirates.

It seems a bit suspicious when Jerome asks us if we know where the Emirates office is, but it transpires they have recently moved to a new building. Karen and Stefan go first, and manage to get a flight to Frankfurt for tomorrow. I am not so lucky – there are no flights available to Birmingham this month! Checking elsewhere in the UK the earliest I can get is the 26th to Gatwick. Far from ideal, but at least with a confirmed date I can make plans for the next dew days.

The Qatar office is in the World Trade Centre, so we go there next, but Alan is even less lucky, they can’t offer him anything at all before May 2nd, He goes to the Sri Lanka Airlines office in the same building. – They could fly him to London on the 29th, but he would obviously have to pay for this and then try to get a refund from Qatar (who say he will need to deal with the London office for this as they issued the ticket…). The benefit is minimal, so he decides to try the other airlines, while the three of us go to the Odel shopping mall. When he eventually rejoins us, he has also managed to get a flight tomorrow with Royal Jordanian, flying via Oman, where he has an overnight stay in a hotel, to Amsterdam, from where he hopes he can get a cheap flight up to Scotland. It is not cheap, but is cheaper than another 12 days in Sri Lanka!

Back at Negumbo, even the Internet Cafe that is open isn’t working tonight!


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