Posted by: tim ellis | August 1, 2010

Monday 26th April 2010

Sigiriya Frescos
Another check out and another packed breakfast to collect – there are about 6 this morning. I had again asked for one without cheese, and the receptionists are aware of this as they were on duty yesterday when I ordered it, and it is written in the book. It doesn’t seem to have reached the kitchen though, so someone takes one of the boxes back and returns with my breakfast!

The airport porters are wearing vests with the rates on them, and I have budgeted for this in my remaining rupees – this doesn’t stop them asking for more “I like pounds” he says hopefully – I bet he does as they would represent a significant improvement on the price in rupees! – He disappears as soon as I pay him, before the security checkpoint between the main entrance and the check in gates, but I see him again on the other side helping a family of locals who were just behind me.

Check in is trouble free, and I go up into the departure lounge where there are free internet terminals – I decide to sit by one and eat my breakfast, then check my mails and send a “I am on my way” mail home. Typically, just as I am finishing eating someone comes up to the terminal I am sitting by. Even more typically, he doesn’t seem to understand how to use the computer. I end up helping him as much as I am able (his English is poor and heavily accented) – his problem appears to be that he hasn’t been credited for some “frequent flier” points – it looks like he has sent several mails in the past week or so, all of which have been answered by an automatic response saying it may take up to a fortnight for the points to appear. I try and explain this to him, but I’m not sure he understands. I eventually manage to get to send my own mail though.

We don’t get the extended bus ride in Dubai on the way back, so I have time to do a little duty free shopping (I need to get my brother a birthday present, as the extended stay in Sri Lanka means I won’t have time to do any shopping before his Birthday…) before finally arriving back home.



  1. I wondered if I could use you photo of the silver bull on my youtube channel?

    Please email me and advise.

    • Alistair – most of my pictures are licensed CC-Attrib-No Commercial – which means I am happy for you to use the photo providing that your youtube channel is not a commercial venture, and you credit me as the photographer (preferably with a link back to the Flickr page)

  2. many thanks. No I’m not commercial, I have about 26 subscribers at this time – its not a commercial venture though one day I wouldn’t mind being a youtube partner – though I don’t expect more than a few dollars in adsense income. I’ll regularly put links into the description fields and occasionally into the credits at the end of videos with links to your flickr page. Once again many thanks.

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