Posted by: tim ellis | October 5, 2011

Spains Big Three – Tuesday August 30th 2011

Portsmouth Harbour

I get to New Street station in plenty of time, in fact if I hadn’t bought a “specified train only” ticket I could probably have just made the earlier one. As it is, I have to hang around in the foyer until the correct platform is displayed. The journey down South is smooth and incident free, and after spotting their “Naturetrek” labels, I meet up with two of the party, David and Pat, on the platform at Portsmouth. We share a taxi to the harbour, where we appear to be the first to arrive, although we are soon joined by one of our guides, Rob, with most of the others turning up not long after. There is a slight holdup as two of the party have run into problems with the train in Oxford, but they still manage to make it before we start boarding at 4pm.

The cabins are very well appointed and the ship is large and comfortable. As I set out to explore I bump into two more of the group, Brian and Trevor, so we join forces for a while to check out the sun decks and watch as we pull out of the harbour. As we are waiting to leave we hear the bagpipes from the Hebridean Cruise ship – if I was cruising the Hebrides, I don’t think I would start in Portsmouth!

We are to rendezvous on deck at 6:30 in the morning as first light is hoped to be a good time to see the whales as we cross the shelf – or at least that is the theory!


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