Posted by: tim ellis | October 6, 2011

Spains Big Three – Friday September 2nd 2011

Friday Morning Wolf Watch

A 6:45 start (without Breakfast!) to look for wolves again. We go to a different spot this morning, just off the side of the road near Villardeciervos. It is not as muddy here, and we have a good panoramic view of the valley. There are some distant Wild Boar early on , then as it gets brighter some Red Deer make an appearance – including one stag who is quite close, but runs off as I reach for my camera (can you see a theme developing here…)

Roe Deer

We return for breakfast of toast and coffee and a brief rest before driving out to a lakeside for lunch. As we have only just had breakfast we go for a short(ish) walk first, where we see lots of butterflies, a young lizard, a variety of birds and a helicopter!

Black-eared Wheatear

After lunch we return again for a brief siesta before heading out for a third wolf-watching site at around 5:45. Another Hilltop view in a pine forest. The most noticeable creatures here are the horseflies which keep up a constant drone and distraction, though fortunately bites are few. Very little large mammal activity tonight, and not a huge amount of bird life either (a flycatcher turns up just as the flies give up for the night).

Friday Evening Wolf Watch

I noticed that the hotel bar has a dark beer – Mahou Negra – which I decide to try tonight. As he opens the bottle, the barman spots that it is not full, so he opens me another one. He then tries the first, declares it to be fine and gives me that one as well…

More excitement at bed time as Tim and Sheila’s lock has broken and they can’t get into their room. This is eventually remedied with much banging and a variety of (often improvised) tools.


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