Posted by: tim ellis | October 6, 2011

Spains Big Three – Monday September 5th 2011

Common Buzzard in Flight

Having successfully seen the Bears we have the luxury of starting the day with an 8:30 breakfast – not only that, but rather than just toast and coffee, we have bacon, eggs and fruit (not necessarily at the same time). We head off at 10, driving further into the national park and up to a mountain from where we can take a gentle stroll down to a small lake, with the usual bird and butterfly spotting on the way. There are Griffon and Egyptian Vultures flying around the peaks, and a Buzzard flies quite close over head.

After the walk we drive back down the mountain a short way to a field with some old traditional shepherds’ summer houses (Teito) – dry stone walls and thatched roofs that the shepherds would use in the summer while tending their flocks in the high pastures. We have lunch here before returning to town.
Teito hut
In the evening we return to the same Bear Watching point as last night. There are far fewer people there when we arrive, and there seem to be fewer animals and birds about too, although we do eventually see both Red and Roe Deer. More Spanish Bear Watchers turn up – one of whom finally spots the Bears. It is the same two we saw last night, and in a similar position, although amongst the scree and bushes, so less easy to spot, particularly without the aid of telescopes, although I think everyone in our group does manage to seen them before the light goes and we return for dinner and bed.


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