Posted by: tim ellis | October 7, 2011

Spains Big Three – Thursday September 8th 2011

Who stole the ocean?
To get the best chance of viewing whales on the way back, we need to be on deck at “first light” – unfortunately the heavy sea mist severely restricts visibility. I do manage to see a lone Striped Dolphin and a couple of Gannets along with some smaller sea birds, but the weather precludes photography.

The crossing is rougher than coming out (maybe “rough” is too strong, but certainly “rockier”) – Despite all this we make good time, and arrive back in Plymouth only half an hour after the scheduled time. Passport checks are much more rigorous entering the UK than Spain – presumably they don’t expect illegal immigrants to Spain to be entering on a passenger ferry from the North…

I share a cab to the station with Sheila and Tim. They have quite a wait for their train, but mine is already in and being cleaned (an open ticket may have been more expensive, but it definitely has advantages) so I am soon on my way home…


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