Posted by: tim ellis | September 28, 2013

Azores – Thursday 15th August 2013

Early Morning Breifing.
Today is Anne & Kay’s last day on the boat, and we have no additional passengers, so we reverse yesterday’s decision, and head for the Rorqual, which the lookouts report is still in the area. On the way we stop for a mixed group of Common and Spotted Dolphin.

Bryde's Whale

When we find the whale, it is, as suspected a Bryde’s Whale. We watch a few dives, then it starts to move off towards a large gathering of shearwaters – there are also dolphins converging on this area – the fish are obviously gathering, and we observe the ensuing feeding frenzy.

Feeding Frenzy

We leave the Bryde’s Whale to go and look for Sperm Whales (and, obviously, Dolphins!) We are with a group of Common Dolphins when we are joined by a group of Striped Dolphin too. Lisa uses the Hydrophone to seek out the Sperm Whales, to discover we are between two groups. We start off in one direction, only for the group behind us to surface. We see probably four or five whales, with the last sighting being two together, before heading for home.

Striped Dolphin

Because of other boat bookings mean we have ended up with free days over the change over between short trip groups, we are having a “free” meal (which, ironically is one we have to pay for, rather than the group meals, which are included in the holiday) tonight, and then meeting for a group meal tomorrow. I go back to the Atlantic, where we ate on Monday night, for a very nice beef stroganoff and the use of their WiFi connection.


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