Posted by: tim ellis | September 28, 2013

Azores – Wednesday 14th August 2013

It seems hotter and calmer in the harbour this morning, and although the wind stays away, it is often quite overcast out at sea, at least early on. We are joined today by a family of four. The lookouts haven’t spotted any whales this morning, so we set off to try and find some dolphins.

Bottlenose Dolphin

We have encountered some Common Dolphin when a call comes in of a Rorqual sighting – probably a Bryde’s Whale – we start to head off towards it when we get another call for Sperm Whale in the opposite direction. No one has any strong preference, and given the locations, the Sperm Whale is likely to be (a) more certain and (b) less crowded, we switch back to go for them instead.

On the way we see a Mako Shark alongside the boat and a Leatherback Turtle up ahead – we only see this at a distance before it dives. There is another boat present that has been watching it, and they suggest this is probably going to be a long dive, so we don’t spend to long hanging around looking for it to resurface.

We see a number of Sperm Whales (at least three or four) but they are mostly shallow diving and not showing their tails. They are also just spaced out enough to make it tricky to keep watching them all at the same time. We intersperse the whales with Common, Spotted and Bottlenose Dolphins, in assorted states of friendliness, all the way up to “Showing Off”.

Sperm Whale

Back in the hotel this evening, I try connecting to the Internet. Bizarrely, it lets me get on to Facebook and E-Mail, but not onto anything else. Not quite sure how that works, but at least I can communicate with the outside world!

We are eating at the same restaurant tonight, but making our own way there. I set out a bit earlier to walk through town rather than along the seafront so that I can buy some postcards to send to my nieces, and subsequently I am the first one there, before they are open (but not by much…). Once everyone turns up we go in to be told that since ordering our meals at lunchtime, they have decided to do a buffet meal instead. (Veronica thinks it is a plot to stop her getting the fish pie which she has now ordered two days in a row without success). After dinner, Lisa gets her laptop out to show us her shots of the day – the Turtle is much clearer in her photographs than it was to my naked eye!


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