Posted by: tim ellis | October 20, 2013

Azores – Sunday 18th August 2013

Spotted Dolphin
Back out on the boat again today. We are slightly delayed in sailing as the boat needs refuelling. Apparently the fuelling station had shut early yesterday before they got back, and opens later than normal today as it is Sunday.
It is a fairly slow start, although we do see several Spotted Dolphin, a Loggerhead Turtle and some Common Dolphin.
Loggerhead Turtle
It is quite late in the day when we see more dolphin, which turn out to be Bottlenose – for an animal famed for it’s acrobatic displays, these are very mundane. Lisa spots that there are some much larger animals amongst them – Pilot Whales, including a “little” baby. One of them even lifts his tail for is to make up for the lack of Sperm Whale activity.
Pilot Whale
We eat in a different restaurant tonight, “A Arvore”, which is just around the corner from where we ate last night. It is a buffet meal with a variety of interesting local dishes – including a very tasty pork and bananas cooked in molasses


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