Posted by: tim ellis | October 21, 2013

Azores – Tuesday 20th August 2013

It is very cloudy over Pico this morning, and it has obviously rained overnight in Horta. It is hot and humid when we get on the boat, and there have been no sightings from the lookouts. We see a rainbow from the boat, then shortly after a light spattering of rain, but we are soon clear of it.
Corey's Shearwater & Spotted Dolphin
It comes as no surprise that our first sighting of the day is Spotted Dolphin. Lisa and Nuno see a distant blow and splash, but we see no immediate sign of the Whale – in fact it seems to have stayed down for just over an hour when it is finally spotted again. There are about seven or eight halfday boats making a beeline for it, so Lisa decides we will hang back as they will need to return to port soon, then we can have him all to ourselves. He seems to settle into a routine of spending around five minutes on the surface then shallow diving (no tail) and staying down for around twenty five minutes. We see him do this a couple of times from behind the other boats, then three more times after they have gone. Since he is obviously not going to pose nicely for us, we leave him be and go to look for something else – which turns out to be Common Dolphins. However these are not as friendly, or as big show-offs as the earlier Spotted Dolphin were.
Sperm Whale
As tonight is our last night, we go to a “Hot Stones” cook it yourself barbecue. Very tasty, and great fun too.


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