Posted by: tim ellis | September 16, 2015

South Africa’s Rare Mammals – Wednesday 16th September 2015

Greater Kudu and Nyala

Breakfast at a very civilised 7am then into the minibus for a drive around the Mokala National Park. There are a couple of places where we can get out, including a waterhole where Toby finds some Barn Owl pellets, and a bird hide where we see Vervet Monkeys, Kudu, Nyalla and Springbok, in addition to the Birds – Blacksmith Lapwing, Black Winged Stilts. African Wagtail, African Shell Duck, Namaqua Dove, Three Banded Plover, and Violet Eared Waxbill. Lunch is also in the park, at a site where we find both Southern Ground Agama and Western Rock Agama, and a Sociable Weaver nest which is also home to a Pygmy Falcon, There is plenty of larger game in the park – including Warthog, Gemsbok, Red Hartebeest, both Black and Blue Wildebeest, Tsessebe and Roan.

Owl Pellet

Dinner is supposedly 6 for 6:30, but it served closer to 7 – which makes it a bit of a rush to get to the Night Safari at another Game Farm where we are joined by another couple who are staying there. We start well with Springhare and a Barn Owl, before spotting a Black Footed Cat a way off. Toby has warned us that they are very skittish, and you can’t usually get close to them. However no one had told the cat this, which seemed quite unconcerned by our approach and was happy to pose for us!

Black footed cat

We also see African Wildcat, Bat Eared Fox, Scrub Hare, a Spotted Eagle Owl and an Aardvark before passing under a colony of roosting Swallow Tailed Bee Eaters on our return to the camp.

Swallow Tailed Bea Eater


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