Posted by: tim ellis | September 17, 2015

South Africa’s Rare Mammals – Thursday 17th September 2015


Theoretically, at least, more of the same. After breakfast we return to Mokala, entering this time by the gate we left from yesterday to concentrate on the other half of the park. Early sightings of Blesbok and Eland are followed by very little, and nothing we didn’t see yesterday (exceopt brief Baboon sightings at the start and end of the trip, and an Elegant Grasshopper part way through). More Agama at lunch, as well as a Leopard Tortoise, and managing to see the tailfeathers of the Pygmy Falcon in the Weaver nest. We head back to camp early as dinner is 5 for 5:30 so we can get to the Night Drive earlier.


Margaret decides to skip the night drive, and there are no additional passengers tonight, so we are in a smaller vehicle, which is good, as this time the floor is within reach of our feet! We are rewarded with an early Aardvark encounter, with some quite prolonged viewing rather an yesterdays high-tailing it off into the undergrowth. This is followed by Springhare and Scrub Hare, as well as a couple of (distant) porcupines, a couple of ground-nesting birds, a Spotted Eagle Owl with a killl (probably some sort of Gerbil), a couple of Large Eared Field Mice, another couple of Aardvarks and then, to top it all off, an Aardwolf. The guide sees one briefly, and Toby also manages to spot it, but Neville, Mary and I don’t. I saw some movement in the grass, but not what caused it, but then a minute or two later we see a second one, which is in clearer terrain and, while it doesn’t really hang about, remains in view for a reasonable amount of time, allowing for good binocular viewing and some attempted photographs.



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