Posted by: tim ellis | September 18, 2015

South Africa’s Rare Mammals – Friday 18th September 2015


A long drive to Uppington, where Toby discovers the restaurant he planned for us to have lunch in has closed down since he was here last! A quick drive around town finds a restautrant/bar called Dros at a shopping mall. It is apparently a well-established name and indeed the food turns out to not be dross at all – and in plentiful portions. My kingklip and chips also includes rice, while Neville shares his pizza with all who wish to partake, and still has some left over.


We have asked Toby if we can get some fresh fruit, so he pops to the supermarket while we have coffee and returns laden with apples, oranges and bananas

Rock Hyrax

From Uppington it is another hour and a half to the Augrabies Falls National Park, where we are staying in some very smart chalets. We stroll down to the falls before dinner to look at the Dassies basking in the last of the sun before dusk. Then, after a meal of Springbok Stroganoff we go looking (unsuccessfully) for scorpions by the light of Toby’s UV torch.

Augrabies Falls


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