Posted by: tim ellis | September 20, 2015

South Africa’s Rare Mammals – Sunday 20th September 2015

Vervet Monkey

It seems cloudier and cooler today, with more wind. It has obviously comfused one of the Rock Hyrax around camp, as we spot it up a tree! As we leave the camp there are both Baboons and Vervet Monkeys beside the road.


When we reach Uppington, we persuade Toby we should have a coffee stop, so we call in to McDonalds to get drinks we can consume “on the go” – Toby is happy to pay for these, especially when they tell him “Old people get free coffee”, so he only ends up paying for 2.

The view from my window

It stays cool, and the wind picks up as we head North, with a lot of sand in the air, making visibility poor. According to Toby’s itinerary, (but not ours) we are due a night safari tonight. We decide in view of the weather we’d rather skip that in favour of a (shortish) afternoon drive in our own vehicle. After lunch in a lodge largely decorated with Ostrich eggs, we arrive at our own lodge for tonight, just outside the gates of the National Park. It looks quite forbidding from the outside, but the rooms are excellent (and later on dinner is also of a very high standard).

Brants's Whistling Rat

After dropping off our stuff we head up into the National Park – there is even more paperwork than normal as the park crosses the national border and is shared with Botswana. The wind (and sandstorm) has abated, so we are able to add Brants’s Whistling Rat to our Mammal list, and Black Mole Snake and Karasburg Tree Skink to our reptile list, along with Giant Millipede to the invertebrates, and a number of birds including the Crimson Breasted Shrike and the Mariko Flycatcher.

Giant Millipede


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