Posted by: tim ellis | September 23, 2015

South Africa’s Rare Mammals – Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Spotted Hyaena//

An early breakfast this morning as we have a “full days drive” in the river bed – so back over the 96 dunes we go, bouncing the breakfast down, and spotting something like 10-12 Kori Bustards on the way. (The first we’ve seen on the trip).

Honey Badger (Ratel)//

We stop for a loo break at the rest point where we were picked up on Monday, and then push on further North up the river bed, coming across a group of Spotted Hyaena resting right by the road, and as a second new species, while we have stopped to look at some birds we spot a Honey Badger behind us! (It just goes to prove you really do need eyes in the back of your head when looking for wildlife.) Some creatures we have previously seen at night are also in evidence – both Cape and Bat-eared foxes on the ground, and a couple of Wildcats sleeping in trees.

We return back to the pick up point for a picnic lunch. It is now very hot and we are offered the option of returning to camp now and going out again, closer to the lodge, later. We ask if that can be another night drive, and Andre and Melissa say yes, so that’s what we do.

South African Wildcat//

We update the trip checklist before dinner, only for the Cape Serotin Bats to emerge as soon as we put them away! The night drive is very pleasant, with Cape Fox, Springhare and Cape Hare. The most exciting part though is a particularly bumpy dune that Andre has to accelerate into, leaving us wondering how Melissa managed to stay on the spotters seat which is mounted on the front bumper.

Bat-eared Fox//


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