Posted by: tim ellis | July 20, 2016

Svalbard – Wednesday 20th July 2016 – Nordkapp

Sami Camp

We wake up to a bright sunny day in the harbour of Skarsvag, the northernmost fishing village in Europe. We ferry ashore in the Zodiacs, for what we are told will be the only dry landing of the voyage. Then a trip by bus, to a Sami camp, where we meet Lars, his mother Anna, and their Reindeer. (Lars has two rules. First, don’t touch the Reindeer, as she is shy. Second, don’t touch Anna, as she is also shy!). The camp offers us a chance to see the traditional costumes, shelters, reindeer and gift shop of the inhabitants of Northern Scandinavia.


From here we continue to Nordkapp itself, where in addition to the large Globe which we could see from the ship on our approach yesterday, there are a couple of other monuments, and a visitor’s centre. The Centre contains a museum, film shows, the northernmost chapel in Europe, the “Kings View” (which just looks out onto the ocean) and, of course, a gift shop (which we have to wait to open). It is quite windy up there, and 3-4 o colder than down in the harbour (9 oC rather than 12-13 oC)

Children of the Earth

This same wind makes for much choppier seas when we set sail over lunch, and the boat soon gets quite rocky added to which the skies cloud over and there is quite a bit of spray. I am coping well with this, until I move, at which time I start to feel queasy and retreat to bed. Spool, stays out much longer than I do, but feels no better, and is finally forced indoors too. We both skip dinner – apparently only 18 people actually made it!


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